Welcome! This site is designed to inform, inspire and support you, whether you’re already familiar with NVC and would like to deepen your understanding, or brand new to the experience, having inadvertently clicked on this page.

Nonviolent Communication is a consciousness that supports people to understand and connect with their needs and values in any given moment, even in times of depression or self-doubt. And it is a process that invites us to witness the unique quality that makes each human special, even when the other person’s language or actions may be most challenging. NVC fosters teamwork, harmony, and ongoing opportunity for connection, understanding and mutual empowerment. It is a process that provides us with clarity and purpose. It is applicable in all aspects of life… at work, in primary relationships, with family and friends, even with strangers.

NVC is the life’s work of Dr. Marshall Rosenberg who inspired me to learn more in 1998. I am one of about 200 trainers throughout the world, certified by Dr. Rosenberg’s international Center for Nonviolent Communication. Currently NVC is shared in 35 countries worldwide.

I hope you enjoy and are supported by my site.

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