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I’m deeply grateful to Dr. Marshall Rosenberg for his contribution to myself and countless others in over 35 countries worldwide. His support in sharing the wisdom and power of Nonviolent Communication has enabled me to reach out to many hundreds of people throughout Canada. I feel infinite joy knowing that I, too, contribute to positive social change each moment I share and live the consciousness of NVC. Penny Wassman

The following excerpt about Marshall Rosenberg is used by permission of PuddleDancer Press from their Marshall Rosenberg page.

Marshall B. Rosenberg, Ph.D., author of Nonviolent Communication: A Language of Life, has taken up where Gandhi, King, and other past visionary leaders for peace left off. An internationally renowned visionary himself, Rosenberg 's credentials rank him as one of the foremost new leaders for world peace. His equally visionary communication process, Nonviolent Communication (NVC), is the cornerstone of what global leaders, educators, and beyond are identifying as the missing link to the solution we all seek. Viewed through NVC eyes, all anger and violence--both in the world at large and in our own personal lives--is a counter-productive attempt by people to meet their needs.

Growing up in a turbulent Detroit neighborhood, Marshall Rosenberg developed a keen interest in conflict resolution and how new forms of communication could provide peaceful alternatives to the violence he encountered. His interest led to a Ph.D. in clinical psychology in 1961 from the University of Wisconsin . But he was dissatisfied with the focus on pathology he saw there, which did not help him understand the very compassionate people he had known growing up. His subsequent study of comparative religion, and his own varied life experience, convinced him that human beings are not inherently violent and motivated him to develop the visionary communication process he calls Nonviolent Communication (NVC).

Dr. Marshall B. Rosenberg is the Founder and Director of Educational Services for the Center for Nonviolent Communication (CNVC). He has provided training and initiated peace programs in a number of war-torn areas including Rwanda , Burundi , Nigeria , Malaysia , Indonesia , Sri Lanka , Sierra Leone , the Middle East , Colombia , Serbia , Croatia , and Northern Ireland . In the former Yugoslavia , a CNVC team has trained hundreds of teachers who have reached tens of thousands of students from kindergarten through high school. NVC has been officially recognized by the government of Israel and is offered in many schools in that country. Dr. Rosenberg's newest book is an excellent resource for teachers, educators, managers, politicians, and anyone who wants to connect with others more meaningfully.

With visionary philosophies, a visionary communication process, and some very hard work, Marshall Rosenberg has kept the door open to the prospect of world peace. While he's a new leader for peace on the global stage, his time-tested formula for change is spreading as a grass-roots movement from person to person and region to region:

“Creating a life-enriching quality of connection that allows all our needs to be met in ways that are satisfying for everyone involved. ” Working together with Marshall Rosenberg and NVC, world peace is within our reach.

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