“I have experienced Penny Wassman's depth of knowledge in Nonviolent Communication and can say without question that her dedication, knowledge and ability to share this work will enable those who are intent on enhancing their connection with others to enrich those communications, both personal and professional.”

Leah Bailey, A/Executive Director, Compliance & Regulatory Branch, Ministry of Public Safety and Solicitor General, Province of British Columbia

Workshop and Practice session participant comments:

“It covered far more ground than I anticipated, there seemed to be a lot of flexibility for both beginners and people with some NVC experience. I felt reaffirmed in my knowledge of NVC and stretched in my growth and learning without being overwhelmed.”

“I really valued Penny’s understanding and sharing of NVC as it really clarified a lot for me and I had a strong sense of how compassion works.”

“I really enjoyed the whole workshop and feel so grateful for the personal growth I experienced.”

“Thank you for your presence of caring, gentleness, being in the moment, paying 100% attention, patience, demonstrating. It has been a reminder and a role model for me giving more clarity and direction to where I want to be. I feel hopeful, excited and challenged.”

“Penny did a superb job and I would highly recommend her leadership in the future!” “Very open, professional, adapted to meet the needs of participants, covered all the material with great compassion. “Penny Wassman brings high levels of nurturing, peaceful energy to each session.”

“My need for practice, sharing and deepening knowledge/skills was fulfilled. I have moved from being just knowledgeable to feeling capable.”

“Penny met my needs for clarity, understanding, connection, honesty, trust, purpose, fun!”

“I would like to deeply thank Penny Wassman for her warmth and love and incredible expertise in the area of NVC. Her sharing and knowledge provided me with great insights into myself and colleagues and in my personal life.”

“I have grown tremendously over the past few months. I found these sessions to be a wonderful experience.”

“Penny was insightful, thoughtful, clear and provided consistently useful feedback.”

“Penny always “role models” in such a diplomatic (caring) compassionate manner! Wow!”

“Penny gives excellent facilitation, feedback and reflective listening.”

“I am leaving these sessions feeling better than when I arrive. Each session offers something more, and the growth of personal development continues”

“Penny is always attentive, openhearted, knowledgeable, skillful – the perfect facilitator.”

“Penny did an awesome job…interjected with many helpful insights and gently guided people to stay with the lesson’s model. Her experience and suggestions were much appreciated.”

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